Mosaic Play Academy

Mosaic Play Academy

Located at The Yards in Joo Chiat, the Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) conducts a full calendar of enrichment programmes that embraces the play-based approach and provides extended learning opportunities and challenges to children. The programmes will also focus on developing speech, language, listening and analytical skills to enhance the quality of learning of kids. 

The range of enrichment programmes encompasses all areas of development, intellect, social, emotional, physical and language enrichment.

Children will be engaged in exciting and unique learning experiences through sports, music, dance and language programmes. For example, presentation skills will be taught through magic tricks; analytical and mathematical skills will be introduced through a detective programme that challenges children to solve mysteries each week. Social skills, valuing diversity and being more accepting will be highlighted through the Little Travellers programme – where children learn about new countries in the sessions. 

There's a suitable enrichment programme for everyone at Mosaic Play Academy! 

Organization's events

Playgroups @Mosaic Play Academy

Mon 08:30–11:00, Tue 09:00–11:00, Wed 08:30–11:00, Thu 09:00–11:00, Fri 08:30–11:00.

Birthday Party @Mosaic Play Academy

Mon–Sun 09:30–18:00.

Workshops & Programmes @Mosaic Play Academy

Wed 16:30–18:45, Thu 16:00–17:00, Fri 16:30–18:00, Sat 09:00–18:45.

September Holiday Fun @Mosaic Play Academy

5 September - 7 September, time: 09:30-11:30
5 September - 7 September, time: 09:30-12:00
5 September - 9 September, time: 09:30-12:00
5 September - 9 September, time: 15:00-18:00
5 September - 7 September, time: 09:30-15:00.

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 09:00–17:00, Sat 09:00–12:00.




+65 6970 2850



402 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 428082