Open Farm Community

“We want to provide a platform where families can come together and explore the many facets of food together through art, tours of the vegetable and fruit orchards, talks, gardening workshops, and of course, eating. Their layered experiences will also strengthen inter-generational relationships through quality time spent together.”

                                                                                                                                                 Cynthia Chua, Founder of Spa Esprit

Open Farm Community (OFC) is spa esprit group’s initiative in spearheading local farming, connecting the community to nature, and celebrating local spirit. sitting on a 35,000sqft of green-land, ofc unites local farmers, creative chefs and an innovative spirit in a first-of-its-kind dining concept in Singapore.

The vision of Open Farm Community is to bring to life, the impact of urban farming in Singapore, and in doing so, strengthen our understanding and respect for food and its origins. Children, in particular, have been too segregated from nature.

OFC is an ideological and physical reaction to this.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 12pm – 4pm/6pm – 11pm
Sat, Sun/PH: 11am – 4pm/6pm-11pm

Mon - Sun: 8am - 9pm


Credit: Images of Open Farm Community

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 12:00–23:00, Sat–Sun 11:00–23:00.


+65 6471 0306



Open Farm Community 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819