Kid's Cooking Hub

Kid's Cooking Hub

Kids’ Cooking Hub provides children with culinary knowledge and practical skills in the kitchen in order to prepare them for independent living in future.

It is KCH belief that other essential skills will radiate from this life-long activity, cooking. The chef together with the passionate and supportive team strive to educate, inspire and nurture young chefs in a safe environment.


  • Build children's knowledge about food and dining
  • Give children hands-on experience and teach age-appropriate kitchen skills 
  • Increase children's and their family's awareness of healthy eating
  • Develop children's self-care skills
  • Develop children's language, fine motor, social and organizational skills
  • Build children's confidence and self-esteem


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+(852) 5548 0180



Hong Kong
Unit 607 · Welland Bldg · 368 Queen's Road Central · Sheung Wan · HK

How to get there?

Enter Welland Plaza next to ‘Maxim’s Cakes’ for the office lift lobby

MTR Station: 

SHEUNG WAN · Nearest Exit: A2 or Exit: E3 with Lift for Wheelchair / Buggy Access


3A, 4, 4X, 7, 10, 37A, 90B, 91, 94,101, 104. 
Get off at Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Queen’s Road Central