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Silent Night

Silent Night

Stone painting, Sculpture, Jewellery, Papermache.


  • Juniors (5 - 9 yr olds - 9am-noon) 

Will be designing and creating a range of Christmas decorations and ornaments. They will paint and hide Christmas themes rocks, sculpt ornaments. They will use paint and mixed media to explore what celebrations mean to each child, dependent on their connection to Christmas or other significant family traditions.

  • Seniors (9-13 yr olds - 12:30pm - 3:30pm)

Will explore the Christmas theme further by designing sculptures, decorations, gifts and artworks. They will explore Steampunk, Paper Mache, Tie Dye and more.


Credit: image of Inspired Arts Singapore




1 Day Camp: 95 SGD
3 Days Camp: 255 SGD
4 Days Camp: 300 SGD

Telephone number

+ 65 9146 9428



02-30 Stadium Walk Kallang Leisure Park, Singapore