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Junior C.S.I.

Junior C.S.I.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?


In this forensic science unit, junior C.S.I.s will try their hand at scientific crime-solving and learn all about fingerprinting techniques, DNA sample testing, crime scene processing, and more! Junior C.S.I.s will have an opportunity to develop their skills of observation, problem solving, communication, critical thinking and collaboration.

Your child will have a ton of fun learning about:

  • Fingerprints and their role in crime-solving
  • DNA and heredity, or how traits are inherited...with monster genetics!
  • Forensic chemistry, and how chemical reactions can be used to decipher hidden messages or identify mysterious substances
  • Eyewitness testimony, and more!

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Price: 304 SGD

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209A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574347